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After working in theatres for over 20 years, I felt it was time for a change. Faced for years with the results of unhealthy life choices I wanted to do something which promotes maintaining health rather than just trying to fix it once the body had failed after the challenges thrown at it.

Over the years, it became clear to me that healthcare was not about caring for the health. It is actually sick-care. Once someone has turned sick, all the attention is focused on getting that person healthy again. But too little is done to maintain health. People don't appreciate their personal health until it starts fading and suddenly miracles and wonder pills are expected to cure it all.

The Greek physician Paracelsus said: “All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy”.

Our health is largely influenced by what we hand our body to deal with. In modern days, poor nutrition is compensated with pills and powders rather than a well-balanced diet. A healthy balanced diet was always important to me. I do believe that a large amount of modern society health issues are a result of very poor nutrition. But don’t get me wrong, I am not a fanatic carrot apostle and those who know me can confirm how much I love my swiss chocolate and need my coffee in large mugs. I believe that lots of health issues are down to a diet full of processed food and a lack of nutrients. All in life is a matter of the right balance. The right balance diet, sport, work and pleasure.


For me, it was time to find the right work-life balance as working in the healthcare sector isn’t healthy for the workforce. Too often resting times are violated and heavy lifting is rather rule than exception. Not even talking about stress levels and workload. All the years of poor care for my back have asked it’s toll. I found myself in a situation when severe back pain robbed me of all the joys of life. After months of suffering and relying on heavy painkillers just to manage the pain levels but to never be pain-free, the reason for my pain was luckily found. I faced the risk of losing the ability to walk at the age of just 30. I was shocked by the poor outlook. There were so many things I wanted to do in life and the threat of losing my mobility was hard to face. I realised that I had to implement some lifestyle changes. Those changes weren’t easy, besides other things I had to give up my favorite hobby horse riding and I sadly had to give my lovely horse away. My medication was changed and within few weeks my pain disappeared and as I stuck to the changes I never had a major relapse as I started to listen to my body and learned what my back allows me to do and what not.


In my search for a new challenge, I  reviewed my forgotten life plans from when I was younger. On that journey, I remembered that I tried to become a massage therapist almost two decades ago. After various hurdles were thrown my way, I was forced to abandon that dream.

I found out that I could finally progress with my dream and started training as sports massage therapist. Once more it proved to have been the right decision to immigrate to the United Kingdom. Better late than never I finally made my dream come true and qualified as massage therapist and started my own massage practice. It was a long journey over two decades and 860 miles to get here, but it was worth leaving Switzerland behind to finally get given the chance to do what I wanted to do.


Understandingly, with my history of back problems, it is a topic I can easily relate to. As I have learned the hard way how back problems can change the life, I am determined to support my clients with similar problems in finding a way to reduce the pain and gain mobility and a joy for life again. In order to do so, I am planning to do further training in back care and back health.   

In August 2017 I made the first step in that direction and completed a spinal mobilisation course with the well known Osteopath and international lecturer and creator of the bodymaster method John Gibbons. I am sure that the knowledge and practices I gained on that course will be beneficial for you.


I offer my Sports Massage treatments as a mobile therapist. In the comfort of your own home, sports club or office you can receive a professional treatment. There is no hassling with traffic or searching for car parks involved for you. Furthermore, I offer block bookings for sports clubs and companies. As a mobile therapist, I am flexible with my hours to meet your schedule, as life doesn’t just happen from nine to five.


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